Estonian Road Administration e-Service Platform

Since 2016, Finestmedia has been the strategic partner of the Estonian Road Administration in transforming its e-service platform. The aim of this process has been to automate the organisation’s day-to-day operations and facilitate the life of car owners. The platform offers about 60 e-services through Estonian Data Exchange Layer X-Road and has nearly 630 000 users – more than 50% of the total population of Estonia. In 2019, there were nearly 1.5 million logins, over 700 000 background check inquiries, almost 130 000 operations with vehicles and over 65 000 permit/certificate applications processed through the e-service platform.

The e-service platform enables smooth digital processing of several transactions, applications and data inquiries related to the person’s right to drive and their vehicles. A person’s journey to becoming a licenced driver is 100% paperless and only demands two visits to the physical service office – for the two state exams needed to prove one’s qualification. The platform notifies citizens when any document related to their permits is about to expire. Once a driver’s licence expires, it is possible to apply for a new one through the platform and have it sent to one’s home address.

The registration of vehicles is also processed digitally and the owner is automatically notified once a technical inspection is needed to complete the registration. Furthermore, the transferring ownership of vehicles can be conducted without leaving one’s home as well as applying for and receiving a new licence plate, which takes as little as a few days.

    • Better-informed citizens and less traffic offences
    • Minimizing human errors in operations
    • Less need to visit the physical service and shorter queues
    • Reducing the number of physical offices and staff
    • Cutting administrative costs and overhead

Contact information:
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Karamelli 6, 11318, Tallinn, Estonia
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