Autonomous Transport Solution

Auve and their autonomous shuttle Iseauto started out from a cooperation project with TalTech, when an autonomous shuttle bus prototype was developed in 2017. Since then, Auve has specialized in  further developing and commercializing the shuttle as well as the autonomous transportation solutions around it.

Iseauto is an autonomous electric shuttle bus that aims to enhance the transportation habits around the world by filling the last mile gap in various environments. The low-speed shuttle is designed for speeds up to 25 km/h.

The shuttle has proved its robust capabilities in snowy winters and also has completed an official WRC rally stage on gravel successfully. Iseauto has completed its first closed area deployments in Tallinn Zoo and Open Air Museum and after being approved as a road legal vehicle, it has been in use in Ülemiste city, where it operated between Tallinn Airport and the business district. Auve’s first international operating projects were in Tampere, Finland and Lamia, Greece.

The shuttle can easily be implemented into the existing infrastructure as an on-demand solution or on a continuous route with predefined bus stops. Auve Tech offers a full-scope service that starts with the in-house manufacturing and development of the shuttles, their deployment and also fleet management and teleoperation of the shuttles.

Auve’s goal is to provide solutions for a smarter, greener and safer future by making the transport chain complete and provide sustainable solutions for reducing people’s dependence on personal vehicles and wasteful transport solutions all over the world. Whether it’s in suburbs, vibrant business districts or service terminals, Auve can make a difference.

Benefits of the shuttle:

    • a smarter, safer and more sustainable mode of public transport
    • small and lightweight build fits narrow roads
    • the shuttles can make use of existing infrastructure without additional investments
    • a fleet of shuttles can be teleoperated from the distance instead of having an operator for each shuttle
    • Auve is the only company that can provide the full-scope autonomous shuttle service starting from manufacturing the vehicle meeting the special needs as well as operating and servicing the shuttles.

Paula Johanna Adamson, Marketing and PR
Auve Tech OÜ
+372 505 4504