BusCloud uses the ridesharing model and caters for public transportation needs in rural areas, where the market does not function or is not sufficiently regulated. BusCloud is a smart public transport platform that integrates different actors in the service cycle, such as residents, drivers and municipalities.

In thinly populated areas, the problem can be that people who do not have a car cannot move any time they want, as public transport goes too seldom. BusCloud enables the local municipality to organise public transportation more efficiently and comfortably in rural areas, especially keeping in mind the more disadvantaged segments like the elderly, the children, the disabled and the unemployed. BusCloud has a social dimension: involvement of the local municipality turns the service into a public bus ride for a regular bus fare, new jobs are created for local drivers, shared rides are more environment friendly, the sometimes idle public vehicles can be taken into good use.

In densely populated, areas challenges can lie with unregistered and unregulated service providers. BusCloud can be used to regulate the semi-illegal bus services that are running anyhow, announce bus schedules to passengers, buy bus tickets with mobile money or other digital solutions. The system has an interface to remit taxes to the local municipality, should the country provide for such a possibility

• Improved public transportation in rural areas
• New jobs created
• Better connectivity
• More efficient use of public vehicles in municipalities
• Illegal bus services legalised
• Possible improvement of tax discipline

Aare Lapõnin
Cell: +372 501 1152