Future-Proof Public Transport Ticketing

Ridango is a fast-growing public transport ticketing provider with a core focus on account-based ticketing, contactless payments and real-time passenger information. We offer smarter mobility for cities through efficient future-proof ticketing and seamless travel by delivering turnkey projects or separate services for transportation agencies and companies.

By 2030, over 60% of the global population will live in urban areas according to United Nations. People’s rising mobility combined with the constant rise of urbanization all over the world puts great pressure on both the public and private sector for creative and innovative solutions.

In 2018 we launched contactless bank card payments directly at validators in public transport vehicles in the City of Tallinn. The technology behind the solution is truly groundbreaking as it is unique by creating seamless experience for public transport users. Simple tap on the validator provides a ticket and the ticket price is debited directly from person’s bank account. All fare capping rules apply the same as for a normal transit card use. This makes taking public transport and paying for ticket easy and simple.

It is believed and seen on the market, that all future ticketing solutions for cities will follow to adopt contactless bank card payments in public transport validators.

Key features:
Account Based Ticketing
EMV Contactless Ticketing
Real-Time Passenger Information

Argo Verk
Sales Director
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