Incident Handling Platform

Guardtime and Estonian Government are building Incident Handling Platform for connected vehicles. Objective of the platform is to enable secure data exchange environment for connected vehicles and smart infrastructure. It ensures a trustworthy audit trail is available to handle incidents – while preserving privacy! It also allows to enforce connected car security – assuring that only authentic and authorized software is used. Guardtime’s Blokchain technology stack is the technical enabler of the platform.

In case of an incident the governmental regulatory authority has immediate and trustworthy access to all relevant data. The solution enables access to audit trail („black box“ contents of a connected vehicle) of all involved connected vehicles and objects. Relevant data includes vehicle identification, speed, location, radar/LIDAR readings, camera images etc. Cross-vendor interoperability and compliance with privacy regulations are built-in by design.

The solution also ensures that vehicles / objects which are compromised (hacked, „tuned” etc.) are timely discovered and prohibited from the ecosystem.  Connected vehicles and objects verify integrity of other vehicles / objects on peer-to-peer basis. Alerts of compromises are provided to different parties (OEM, regulatory authority, vehicle owner).

Key benefits:
 Unified access to incident data.
• Independent blockchain-based integrity verification
• Instant discovery of compromised vehicles
• Privacy compliance

Ivo Lõhmus | Program Manager
Skype: dnepr650