Scheduling System for Ports and Terminals

Ports, terminals and drivers lack a communication platform, which results in time management difficulties. Uncontrolled vehicle arrivals cause queues at gates and congestion on roads. This leads to inefficient use of resources: land, staff and equipment. The answer to these challenges is all-in-one Inbound Logistics Scheduling System developed by Goswift, which includes both – vehicle and terminal management.

Vehicle management:

    • Remote registration – Driver/dispatcher books an available time slot for unloading/loading.
    • Dynamic time management – Driver receives a notification of when to start driving to arrive in time. This includes breaks, different routes and traffic jams.
    • Hassle-free navigation – App guides the drivers to check-in and designated gates.
    • Fast unloading/loading – No idle time for drivers – staff and equipment are ready for unloading/loading just upon arrival, which ensures optimal use resources.

Terminal management:

    • Time slot allocation –  System schedules appointments for vehicles based on their distance, carried goods and priorities.
    • Gate assistant – Upon arrival, camera automatically registers the vehicle number plate and grants access, if justified.
    • Parking management – The system automatically calls forward trucks from multiple parking areas.
    • Loading space prepared – The system allocates forklifts and notifies staff to be ready for arrival.

Main functionalities:

    • Pre-arrival Communication – Interactive channels for terminal managers and vehicle drivers guarantees smooth  communication
    • Terminal Traffic Management – Automated routing from start to destination removes traffic hassles for drivers and terminals
    • Data Collection and Analysis – AI & data analytics predict processes and gradually increase traffic flow performance
    • Multi-platform & Multi-users
    • Reports & Monitoring
    • 24/7 Call Centre

Value created:

    • Increased employee productivity
    • Improved turnaround time and use of trucks
    • Reduced traffic congestion
    • Increased predictability
    • Reduced air pollution
    • Increased client satisfaction

Madis Sassiad
Sales Director
Mob: +372 508 8546