FleetManagement and TaskManagement

Fleet Complete created a complete solution for contactless courier services for restaurants by merging together two powerful tools: FleetManagement and TaskManagement.

FleetManagemet –  GPS solution for monitoring and optimizing fleet performance. Read more.

TaskManagement – Helps to allocate jobs straight from mobile device and see progress to completion within the app. Shows staff availability and location to dispatch the right job to the right person within seconds.
Read more.

With cooperation with Voog.com (website building platform) restaurants can create their own online store with payment methods and use their existing workforce and bring the food to customers. Orders coming from the online store automatically become work tasks, which can be conveniently distributed between couriers.

The solution helps restaurants to use their existing workforce, organize their own food delivery and get out of the crisis as a winner.

Six restaurants are already using our solution.

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