Digital Mobility Management Platform

Modern Mobility provides the digital mobility management platform. The platform itself is a dynamic mobility solution (includes solutions for on-demand transportation, micro mobility, autonomous vehicles etc.) for rural and suburban areas. The Software as Service (SaaS) based mobility management system consists of a mobility service planning module, passenger module and smart bus stops. Through the system, the public transport operator can design micro mobility services setting the service areas, fixed and dynamic routes, bus stops, pricing policies, and service schedules.

We can help to combine different mobility ecosystem elements:

      • SaaS based Mobility Management System
      • Smart Mobility Hubs for transport ordering
      • Self-Driving buses for last mile service areas
      • Remote operating center for buses (If there is need of more then one self-driving bus)


Tanel Talve
Sales and Marketing Manager
Modern Mobility
+372 5123392