AI-Based Sales Prediction Solution for Logistics

Based on machine learning algorithms Flowit has developed a virtual sales assistant for repetitive sales model companies. We use the existing sales and quota history from customer databases and, based on this, we calculate the future orders, so we can send prefilled orders to submit to customers without any human interaction. We believe that automation is the way of the future for repetitive sales takes, and AI is a major enabler in this.

Before we developed Aitoldyou, sales personnel had to wait for the customer to ask for the proposal for their shipments. Now transport managers can work on optimizing the routes and deal with customer problems rather than with preparing offers. Offers will be sent automatically precisely when the customer needs them.

Aitoldyou’s key features:

    • Finds patterns in your data
    • Forecasts future transactions
    • Sends out prefilled proposals
    • Finds customers who have changed their purchase behavior and lets sales people know about it

Peeter Luht – Sales Director, DSV Estonia  “Damn useful tool!”

    • We gained insight into our customer behavior that we did not think was possible.
    • We are able to sell to customers about whom we never previously had any insight.
    • Our whole sales process changed from reactive to proactive.
    • We managed to retain three customers who were about to leave within the first week of use!

Juhan Pukk
VP of sales/Partner
+372 5666 9827
Kotzebue 13A, 10142 Tallinn, Estonia