Paperless Traffic Registry Administration

The Estonian Road Administration ARIS2 traffic registry system and the e-service platform have completely automated the organisation’s day-to-day operations to enable smooth digital processing of transactions, applications and data inquiries related to the person’s right to drive and their vehicles.

Main functionalities:
The automatization of Road Administration systems resulted in the creation of a data base that allows different organisations such as the Estonian Police and Border Guard, the Ministry of Defence, the Environmental Board, notaries, leasing companies, car sales portals and other partners exchange driver and vehicle related information, and an e-service platform that gives the citizens the opportunity to perform proceedings such as registering vehicles, receiving licence plates, changing the owners of vehicles, receiving and renewing driver’s licence and many more services 100% digitally without visiting the physical offices.

Key benefits:

    • Automatisation of one of the biggest data bases in Estonia which contains more than 110 million entries and holds over 2.3M digitised documents regarding driving licenses, legal information of 1.2M drivers, data about 1.6M vehicles and 7.9M technical inspections.
    • Highly efficient processing of a massive volume of inquiries – each month, the platform responds to more than 3 million inquiries through the Estonian Data Exchange Layer X-Road. In 2019, there were 1.5 million logins to the e-service platform by its 630000 users (over 50% of the total Estonian population) and over 700 000 background check inquiries made by the Police and Border Guard.

Target groups:

    • Road administration authorities
    • Local governments with transportation field automatization process needs
    • Transportation sector companies

Value created:

    • Better-informed citizens and less traffic-related offences
    • Minimizing human errors in operations
    • Less need to visit the physical service and shorter queues
    • Reducing the number of physical offices and staff
    • Cutting administrative costs and overhead

Case study:
Digitalising and automating ERA services:

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