TIK Road Weather Information Service

TIK road weather information service
TIK is a web-based weather information service that offers you a quick and detailed overview of the current state of the weather and road conditions on all the main roads in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and South of Finland. It also gives you the forecasted road conditions up to 48 hours in advance.

Basic Functionality
TIK uses location-based general weather forecasts from various sources such as road weather station data, rescue service warnings, traffic information from Waze, radar and satellite images, different sensors built into roads and mobile sensors placed on public transport, to create forecasts for road conditions and road weather. All the forecasts are location specific.

The forecasts can be used by drivers to assess the weather or by authorities to provide possible warning messages on the roads, thus improving road safety. The forecasts are also used by road maintenance companies to plan their resources to clear ice and snow in time.

You can check out some information on the TIK website. Only the current state of the roads is displayed for normal users, while the forecasts are only available for our loyal customers. Contact us for a more detailed presentation. Read more.

Key benefits:

      • A unique road weather system that not only displays real-time information but also gives forecasts.
      • Offers the possibility of receiving notifications about changes in the road condition (useful for road maintenance companies).
      • User-friendly interface that works across all devices online and 24/7.
      • Map, graph, table and image views of data, and a comprehensive administration module.
      • Highly configurable and customisable for different languages and regions.


Main target groups:

      • Road maintenance companies
      • Road and transport administrations
      • Logistics and transportation companies
      • Emergency service providers and law enforcement
      • Public information service providers
      • States and local governments
      • Companies that are interested in collaborating on the further development of TIK


Stanislav Metlitski
Head of ITS
+372 511 9193
Teede Tehnokeskus AS
Väike-Männiku 26, 11216 Tallinn, Estonia

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