Mobility Services Ecosystem

Besides existing mass-transit solutions, modern public transport in the near future will also include shared bikes, cars, on-demand transport and autonomous shuttles. VEDAS is an ecosystem of tools to connect these services for end-customers as a single journey while providing software for organising operations of on-demand transport or providing mobility based on autonomous shuttles.

Such an ecosystem helps to provide high-level access to shared transport, including in areas where timetable-based transport solutions are not sustainable.
These solutions are key enablers in driving society towards a modal shift from private cars to shared mobility solutions.

Main functionalities:

    • End-user solution for planning trips and the purchasing of mobility services
    • Middleware for connecting various ticketing systems into one platform and providing third party API
    • Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) solution for rural areas for combining various transport services (educational transport, social transport, etc.) including driver application, operator desktop and end-user application
    • Mobility management system for autonomous shuttles as a part of public network

Key benefits:
Provide high-level mobility services with lower costs

    • Decrease ecological footprint of community
    • Easy setup even for pop-up services and pilots
    • White label solutions and workstations for all counterparts in organising DRT as a part of the public transport network

Target groups:
Cities / municipalities and Public Transport Operators (PTOs) who need to solve future mobility challenges through a modern mobility ecosystem concept.

Our partners:

    • City of Tallinn, Estonia
    • City of Lamia, Greece
    • Republic of Estonia – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication; Road Administration
    • Municipality of Saaremaa (Estonia’s biggest island)
    • TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology)
    • AuVe Tech
    • Bercman Technologies
    • Fleet Complete
    • Navya

Knowledge from 2019 operating autonomous shuttles in mixed traffic as a part of public transport service:

Project FABULOS:

    • Tallinn, Estonia – visitors 526 / driven km 1260 (
    • Lamia, Greece – visitors 400 / driven km 1930

Project SOHJOA:

    • Tallinn, Estonia – visitors 2500 / driven km 4000

Tanel Talve
Sales and Marketing Manager
Modern Mobility
+372 512 3392