Real-Time Passenger Information

Real-time info provides accurate information on public transport actual departure and arrival times. Information can be presented on the displays on-board of vehicles, but also on platform and sideway infotainment screens, as well as in mobile and web applications.

For transport authorities and operators, the real-time info is vital for maintaining or even improving their service quality. It helps to plan schedules efficiently, constantly monitor passenger volumes and make sound decisions about service provision.

Main functionalities 

    • Automatic vehicle location (AVL)
      Automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology offers a cost-effective and reliable communications link to track vehicle location, reduce fuel costs, optimize travel routes, monitor driver behavior, minimize idle times and ensure driver security.
    • Real-time passenger information (RTPI)
      Real-time passenger information systems provide accurate departure and arrival times, enabling passengers to plan their journeys and use their time efficiently. Bus and tram passengers now expect the same level of journey information to be available as on other modes of public transport. All the real-time information is available for publishing on various signs and displays (both on- and offboard), but also accessible via API to be presented in 3rd party applications and systems.
    • Voice announcements
      On-board voice announcements are critical in assisting passengers with disabilities and public transportation users in general by making their public transport journeys safer and more convenient.
    • Automatic passenger counting (APC)
      An Automated Passenger Counter (APC) is an electronic device available for installation on transit vehicles including buses and rail vehicles which accurately records boarding and alighting data. This technology can improve the accuracy and reliability of tracking transit ridership over traditional methods of manual accounting by drivers or estimation through random surveying.

Key benefits

    • Efficient planning
      Real-time arrival and departure information
    • Instant adjustments
      Notifications about service disruptions
    • Fleet control
      On-line dispatching and schedule adherence overview
    • In-depth analysis
      Reporting on performance statistics and location history

Main target groups
Public Transport Authorities (PTA) and Public Transport Operators (PTO).

Value created
Real-time online vehicle tracking is a powerful tool for authorities and operators to plan journeys, improve service level and reduce the number of complaints. Our tool helps manage time efficiently and reach a greater level of passenger satisfaction.


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