Smart Micromobility Infrastructure

Bikeep provides smart micromobility solutions to tackle urban mobility challenges. Smart bike parking does not require physical keys or locks but can be opened via a contactless card or mobile app.

Main functionalities

    • Smart lockers, bike racks and scooter stations that are opened with an app or contactless card take away the hassle of remembering to carry your own lock or key
    • E-bike charging
    • Secure bike racks that lock both the frame and front wheel, with camera surveillance
    • Multiple possibilities for payment systems (options for rent, paid method, free, monthly or pay as you go)
    • Personal and rental scooter stations that offer various business models

Key benefits
Bikeep offers expertise, maintenance and the whole cycle, from manufacturing to upkeep to app solution. The variety and expertise make Bikeep a micromobility enabler and a trusted partner.

Target groups

    • transit companies
    • real estate companies
    • municipalities
    • campuses
    • shops and supermarkets, restaurants

Value created
Micromobility is becoming the preferred form of commuting in urban areas due to increased congestion and limited car parking. People wish to commute with choice and freedom when they feel safe and solid infrastructure is in place. Urban planning is becoming smarter, more sustainable and greener. Bikeep supports the smart city concept by providing the infrastructure to achieve this.

It is calculated that there is a 24 x Return on Investment with cycling infrastructure solutions such as Bikeep when including reduced congestion and additional health benefits. Other values include: attracting new customers and businesses to commercial real estate; the more efficient use of land; stopping thefts; healthy and responsible corporate culture; reducing businesses’ carbon footprint and more sustainable mobility.

Commercial real estate clients have become the fastest-growing segment for Bikeep. Due to the growing standards of tenants and employees, changed behaviours and values on environmental aspects and the need to comply with regulations on car spots per person.

We have seen that our greatest value lies in the smart solution that people want to use. The stations attract more people than regular racks because they come with e-bike charging possibility. In addition, our clients appreciate that Bikeep takes on the tedious aspects of maintenance, are easy to install and present a highly sustainable value set for the whole property. Let us show you, how. Read more.

Kristjan Lind
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