Smart Road Bricks

e-Pavement has developed smart road bricks that act as active traffic participants. They are made from thermo-reactive plastic composite and electronic components such as  controllable led’s, sensors, data communication devices, and microprocessors. In areas with enough solar radiation,  e-bricks can produce necessary photovoltaic energy.

The main applications are for pedestrian crossings and light traffic roads.

Main features
Using light signals on the road surface, the e-bricks enhance pedestrian’s safety. The main applications are:

    • Unregulated crosswalk with adaptive bottom illumination;
    • Duplication of traffic lights on the road surface;
    • Adaptive bottom illumination of light traffic roads.

Not only do the bricks  illuminate the areas they are installed in, but also design various symbols on the road surface. You can link the e-bricks with traffic lights and with  any other traffic management electronic system.

Key benefits
Smart e-bricks enhance the safety of the most vulnerable traffic participants – the pedestrians. e-Pavement works well  on it’s own as well as in a network of other traffic management systems. Both wired and off-grid solutions are available.

Target groups
Road owners, local municipalities, road administration, traffic management system providers.

Case studies

    • unregulated crosswalk near Raja 15, Tallinn;
    • pedestrian safety areas on Raja-Mäepealse crossing in Tallinn;
    • smart pedestrian-bicycle road crossing near Pirita tee, Tallinn;
    • e-bricks integrated withs smart crosswalk in Tehnopol, Tallinn;
    • electric scooters station solution in Tehnopol, Tallinn.

Allan Lahi
Member of Board, founder
e-Pavement OÜ