The Smart Port Solution

Smart Port is a harbor traffic-flow management solution for the Port of Tallinn for pre-check in, check-in, and line management, which is suitable for ports with multiple ferry operators.
The goal is to minimize the time spent in the harbor by providing a fully integrated and comprehensive, easy to understand service for travelers with vehicles.

Passenger numbers have increased, but port sizes have largely remained the same, which creates a challenge in terms of continuing to provide a high-quality service. Many city harbors are no longer able to expand horizontally due to physical limitations, so there is a need to grow vertically. This essentially means creating an enhanced value for companies, business clients as well as to the end user by maximizing the benefit and impact of the existing resources.

The Smart Port solution incorporates a rather unique, automatic check-in system with a license plate recognition-solution for passengers with vehicles. The new solution encompasses the entire travel process for passengers with vehicles, starting from online pre-registration to the automated check-in procedures, and the fully automatic traffic management at the harbor – right up to getting on the ship.

The Smart Port solution has been developed for the Port of Tallinn by the multinational, strategic change and technology company Nortal.

The benefits of Smart Harbour:

    • Maximizing the benefit and impact of the existing resources;
    • Improved and quicker processes and travel experiences;
    • Minimizing time spent in the harbor through automated systems;
    • Reduced loading times;
    • Environmentally friendly harbors – less air pollution and CO2 emissions thanks to reduced waiting times and running engines.

Jaanus Loitmaa
Project Manager
Phone: +372 565 5858