The Nortal Smart Port Solution

The Smart Port solution, developed by Nortal, is the epitome of streamlined port management. By harnessing the power of service design, data, IoT, and automation, Nortal redesigned all interactions from digital environments to physical contact points at the harbor.

This solution actualizes truly streamlined port operations and a seamless customer journey from the digital ticket system up to the point of embarking.

The terminal of the future
The Smart Port solution provides a fully automated, intelligent user experience from traffic and trade flows to operations and customer management. Orchestrating the data between hundreds of hardware units significantly improves the port area’s utilization and efficiency. Check-in and gathering area waiting times are reduced by more than 50% with pre-gate and real-time vehicle data, automated lane management, and loading area guidance. Thus, enabling faster traffic flow, lowering congestion, optimizing ship operations and terminal work, and servicing more departures at the same terminal area.

The Smart Port solution provides a holistic view of terminal operations to support every team’s unique needs. Check out how it works and the modules provided:


Key benefits:

    • Reduced waiting time during check-in and boarding by 44%
    • Staff required during check-in decreased by 75%
    • Near real-time pass-through in express lanes – 2 sec
    • 90% of employees happy with the ease & use of the system

Nortal has implemented and constantly improved the Smart Port solutions for 20 years.​

Kadri Haufe
Head of Smart Port Advisory
Phone: +372 5302 3323