The Smart Port Solution

The Smart Port solution is a traffic-flow management solution designed specifically for ferry ports. It offers effective and flexible vehicle check-in procedures and assistance for general port area management. The goal is to minimize the time travellers spend at ports by providing a fully integrated, comprehensive and easy to understand service for both passenger vehicles and cargo trucks.

Many city harbours are no longer able to expand horizontally due to physical limitations, so there is a need to manage port area more effectively. Smart Port achieves this by using large information displays that help to reconfigure the port area as needed. Various digital measurement sensors and automated gateways are used for flexible traffic guidance.

The solution has a rather unique unattended vehicle check-in system based on automatic license plate recognition. The entire check-in and loading process is covered from the online trip booking, through the automated check-in procedures and automatic traffic management at the port area, and right up to boarding the ship.

Key benefits of the Smart Port:

    • Enhanced user experience for vehicle check-in and boarding based on vehicle license plate recognition. No need to show a ticket.
    • Personalized driving directions after entering the port area, utilizing LED displays guiding each individual driver through the check-in and collection area.
    • Pre-gate area for automatic dimension and weight measurements of cargo vehicles to check if vehicle tickets are correct.
    • Reduced waiting time during check-in and boarding, leading to faster turnaround times for the ferry operators.
    • Efficient utilization of the port area. Fully reconfigurable for separate departures.
    • Minimization of the required port staff.
    • Suitable for ports with one or multiple ferry operators.

The Smart Port solution has been developed for the Port of Tallinn by the multinational, strategic change and technology company Nortal. It is currently in use in 7 ports.

Jaanus Loitmaa
Project Manager
Phone: +372 565 5858