Contactless Payments

Ridango’s ticketing solutions support contactless payments, simply tapping open-loop contactless bank cards (cEMV) directly at validators. Pay-As-You-Go by EMV card is the best way to access public transport for occasional travelers, as there is no need to wonder where and how to buy a ticket, its cost, or even the type of ticket to buy. Ridango’s EMV solution is also PCI-DSS certified, granting travelers that their transactions and card data are secure.

Main functionalities

    • Contactless bank card (cEMV) payments
      Core platform – Transit Payment System (TPS)
      Visa and Mastercard transit payment processing
      Multi-currency settlement
    • Merchant and customer portals
    • Our contactless EMV solution is developed specifically for public transport purposes, in full compliance with Visa and Mastercard guidelines for Mass Transit (Model 2 and aggregation included)
    • We can cover the entire EMV payment chain, starting from the tap at a validator until a settlement at the authority’s or operator’s bank account.
    • Contactless ticketing payments are secure and encrypted, reducing the risk of internal fraud and theft while improving passenger safety.

Key benefits

    • Simple and effortless. Just tap your contactless EMV bank card and ride.
    • Easy to understand. Intuitive Pay-As-You-Go fare structure with best price capping rules
    • Increased speed. Accelerated boarding offers best-in-class ride experience
    • Universally accepted. Supports contactless EMV global payment standards

Main target groups
Public Transport Authorities (PTA) and Public Transport Operators (PTO).

Value created
Great environmental impact from using contactless bank card to replace a plastic transit card and avoid manufacturing the latter in large quantities. Financial gain for the authority and/or operator – because of an ease of ticket purchase, occasional travellers will more likely choose public transport instead of taxi or other services, which brings more people to public transport and increasing ticketing revenue.


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