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Turnit Ride is a cloud-based reservation and inventory management solution that enables passenger transport operators to drive and steer their sales using any of their chosen sales strategies. Fusing sales, inventory management, and operations into one centralized ecosystem brings clarity and streamlines business processes. The system is being developed in close cooperation with top-tier operators and industry evangelists and is constantly evolving for the benefit of all clients.

Turnit Ride uses the latest software technology principles, resulting in highly scalable and modular architecture. Our micro-services based booking engine and caching technology sustains high loads of booking requests during peak sales campaigns or traffic disruptions. Modular architecture also means faster deployment of new functionalities without compromising quality and business performance.

Main functionalities

Turnit Ride covers all the aspects of passenger transport operating cycle

    • Schedules and hub management 
    • Inventory management 
    • Dynamic fare management CRM and marketing 
    • Operations and dispatching 
    • Asset management

Key benefits
Turnit Ride is a centralized web-based platform that is offered as a full service. We take care of the setup and running the system, including managing the infrastructure. Because of the mission-critical nature of the system, our services follow industry’s standards such as ITIL and offer SLAs with 24/7 support. For our clients, Turnit Ride is always up-to-date and its regular upgrades are driven by the best practices and technological innovation of the industry.


Target groups
Passenger Transport Companies (including public transport operators and aggregators (OTAS’s)) Our platform processes more than 15 million seat reservations annually and its services are used by over 40 public transport operators across the world, including industry leaders like Vy Buss AS (former Nettbuss), Bus Eireann and Compagnie de Transports au Maroc (CTM). 

Value created

With our solution you can

    • increase your operational efficiency up to 20% 
    • reduce the average boarding time to a bus by 50%
    • boost your online sales share from the whole turnover (our clients have experienced a change from 12% to 70%)
    • increase available destinations for booking thanks to our modern multi-leg search algorithms.

References / case study
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