Remote Controlled Car Technology

Originating from Estonia, Elmo was the first to make short-term car sharing possible with  only  environmentally  friendly  vehicles.  Now  we’re  centered  on  solving  an individuals transportation needs at a broader scale, offering a full-suite transportation service that is focused on sustainability and efficiency.

One of those developments is our in-house built remotely-controlled-car technology, that aims to reduce the need to own a personal car.

Our remotely controlled rental car will be driven by our remote operators to our clients, who can use the car as a normal rental vehicle. When the ride is over, the car can be driven to the next client remotely. Just like Michael Knight’s K.I.T.T, but everyone can be Michael and K.I.T.T is a real person sitting in an office behind a steering wheel.

Remotely controlled cars allow Elmo to service a large client base using only a small fleet of electric- and hybrid cars, greatly maximizing the efficiency of our vehicles. This mode of transport is also far cheaper and more comfortable than owning a personal car. It’s completely hassle free – just open our app and a car will come to you.

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